General info

*The game is in early development.

Pixelshire is an upcoming casual rpg.

  • Create your own farm.
    Plant/Grow and gather crops, cut trees ,raise livestock,make your own winery and many more.ezgifcom-optimize_8.gif
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Build structures and manipulate ground and water.
  • Explore,mine and fight through the mysterious continent of pixelshire.
    Enchanted forest,uncharted islands,mines and dangerous castles.
  • ezgifcom-crop_1.gif
  • Become an expert fisherman.
    Catch rare fishes in various locations such as lakes,rivers,beach or even craft your own boat and make your way to the open sea.
  • Decorate your land and you house.
  • Make friends with the locals.
    Make quest, get rewards and improve your relationship with each one.
    Tag along with a friendly neighbor and let him help you with your dialy jobs.
  • Cook,craft,brew and upgrade your tools and weapons.

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