Jazz Lightning

A 2D action platformer game.

The game is in early access

The game

Jazz Lightning : Castle Dungeons is a single player pixel 2D action platformer where you need to find your way through lethal castle dungeons and obtain their mythical treasures. In order to do that,our hero needs to avoid various traps,jump over dangerous pits of poison, dodge sharp spikes and find the lost silver key to unlock the door for the next room of the dungeon.Inspired by the old classic retro horizontal scrolling platformers.



You will take control of a mysterious treasure hunter called Jazz Lightning and his adventures through the ancient and unexplored world of Gaia.Jazz is seeking to obtain the mythical treasure artifacts of the forbidden castles which are scattered across this unforgiving world.Legend says that the one who shall posses all them will obtain the full power of the of the storm god…or at least thats what the Oldman says.But who is this oldman you may wonder?Nobody knows…not even him…he is too old to remember.


  • Early Access Features
  • Explore 2 Unique Castles
  • Test your self through 20 deadly levels
  • Fast paced challenging platforming
  • Handmade colorful pixel art
  • More to come…

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